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Camp Thorpe is saddened to share that Joyce Heath has passed away. Joyce was a long time friend of Camp and we will miss her greatly. Our thoughts go out to the Heath family during this time. A link to her obituary can be found here:…/Joyce-Heath

Our board member and former camper, Tad Willard has shared a lovely memory of Joyce with us all:

“Those who know the legacy of Camp Thorpe, know the woman who was the stamp of the stellar reputation of it, Mrs. Joyce Heath. Mrs. Heath knew how to be a stern yet nurturing parental figure to all of us campers during our time away from home. From her after breakfast weather report to get us ready for the day, to her riding around Camp in the green VW bus to see how everything was going, to Mrs. Heath telling the full dining hall what the Saturday Night movie was going to be about, Mrs. Heath created amazing memories that so many kids, including myself, treasure throughout life.”