Strategy and Development

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Betsy Reid, Strategy and Development: [email protected]

Betsy Reid is strongly connected to both Vermont and Camp Thorpe. She grew up on a farm, where she learned how to persuade Jersey cows to come into the barn — skills that have helped throughout her career.

She’s also watched her brother Dave flourish for over 30 years as a camper at Camp Thorpe. It’s the highlight of Dave’s year; his unbridled joy has led Betsy to be an ardent supporter, and to being on the Board of Trustees. She transitioned from that role to her current position of working with the Board in an interim capacity on board development, strategic planning, and fundraising.

Betsy has a track record of 30 years successfully leading, managing, building and boosting non-profit organizations, including working closely and collaboratively with boards, in Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, and her home state of Vermont.

Betsy’s favorite pastime is singing in Rock City, a rock and soul chorus in Central Vermont that has a rockin’ good time!