Counselors In Training

The Counselors in Training program is new at Camp Thorpe for 2018. CIT’s must be between 17-19 years of age to participate. CIT’s are screened using the same rigorous criteria as our General Staff but are hired under the training program either because they are not at the required minimum age for a Counselor or because they cannot commit to working the full summer at Camp Thorpe.

Counselors in Training will spend time working with general counselors, behavioral management staff, head counselors, program counselors, lifeguards, kitchen staff and even as 1:1 assistants during their summer. In this way, they will develop a unique perspective of camp life and what each position at camp requires in terms of preparation and work.

CIT’s will be in a unique position to apply for a full program, lifeguard or general counseling position the next summer at camp with a summer of training and shadowing under their belts!